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18 Oct 2010: NorDiag has received a new order from Seegene, South Korea, for 50 Arrow instruments for delivery in Q4 2010. This order comes in addition to previous orders from Seegene and total deliveries to Seegene in the second half of 2010 will be 130 instruments.

CEO in NorDiag Mårten Wigstøl is pleased: "Our order book now shows that we have already  surpassed  the  previously  communicated  sales  targets  of  162 Arrow instruments  in 2010. Seegene  has proven  to be  a strong and dynamic strategic partner. They have an innovative and  unique multiplexing technology and a good range of test panels that fits our  unique sample preparation solutions, and we believe that we have a great future together".

In  July 2010, NorDiag and the South Korean company Seegene entered into a five-year  OEM-agreement  where  Seegene  has  guaranteed to purchase instruments and reagents corresponding to a value of NOK 30 million in the first 2.5 years.


CEO Mårten Wigstøl          Phone: +47 911 65775

About NorDiag:

NorDiag  is  a  biotechnology  company  developing,  manufacturing and marketing automated  solutions (instruments  and reagents)  for sample  preparation of DNA from difficult biological samples. DNA diagnostics give more rapid and precise answers, and are the fastest growing field  within diagnostics. The Company's sample preparation solutions are today used in connection with STI, tuberculosis, MRSA, respiratory pathogens and viruses on instruments for large and small laboratories. NorDiag was founded in 2003 and has its headquarters in Oslo, Norway. The company has offices and laboratories in Stockholm, Sweden, in West Chester (PA), USA and in Vienna, Austria. The group has today 37,5 man-labour years. NorDiag is listed on Oslo Stock Exchange with ticker NORD.

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About Seegene Inc:

Seegene,  Inc. is a  biotechnology company specialized  in molecular diagnostics and research applications. It holds a novel detection platform named "Seeplex(R)," which sets a standard  in high-throughput and simultaneous multi- pathogen detection called "multiplexing." Seeplex(R) technology accurately detects multi-pathogens with high-throughput speed, ultimately providing the most economical basis for saving  time, labour and cost. Seegene develops, manufactures  and markets innovative molecular diagnostic products and services to a worldwide community. Its  mission is  to maintain leadership in molecular diagnostics for infectious diseases, genetics, pharmacogenetics, oncology and chromosomal analyses using innovative proprietary technologies.

On 13 September 2010, the company was listed on the Korean stock exchange (KOSDAQ). The company raised USD 16.6 million in an IPO ahead of the listing. The company's implicit market value after the IPO was USD 167 million. For further information, please see or call +301-762-9066.

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