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15 Sep 2010: Reference is made to the stock exchange notification dated 28 May 2010 regarding the merger between NorDiag ASA ("NorDiag") and its wholly owned subsidiary
Genpoint AS. The merger was motivated by cost synergies.

The completion of the merger has now been registered with the Norwegian Register of Business Enterprises. The merger is carried out with accounting and taxation effect from the beginning of January 2010, and all employees in Genpoint AS are offered continued employment in NorDiag.

Contact: CEO Mårten Wigstøl          Phone: +47 911 65775
                CFO Tone Kvåle                 Phone: +47 915 19576

About NorDiag:

NorDiag is a biotechnology company developing, manufacturing and marketing automated solutions (instruments and reagents) for sample preparation of DNA from difficult biological samples. DNA diagnostics give more rapid and precise answers, and is the fastest growing field within diagnostics. NorDiag's sample preparation solutions are today used in connection with STI, tuberculosis, MRSA, respiratory pathogens and viruses on instruments for large and small laboratories. NorDiag was founded in 2003 and has its headquarters in Oslo, Norway. The company has offices and laboratories in Stockholm, Sweden, in West Chester (PA), USA and in Vienna, Austria. The group has today 36.5 man-labor years. NorDiag is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange with ticker code "NORD".

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