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Reference is made to the stock exchange notification dated 15 June 2010 regarding the exercise period of Class B Warrants in NorDiag ASA ("NorDiag"). By the expiry of the exercise period 30 June, 97,936 Class B Warrants had been exercised for the issuance of 331,335 new shares in NorDiag, each with a nominal value of NOK 1, at a subscription price of NOK 2.18.
The share capital increase pertaining to the exercise of 97,936 Class B Warrants has now been registered with the Norwegian Register of Business Enterprises. The new share capital of NorDiag is NOK 62,396,617 divided into 62,396,617 shares, each with a nominal value of NOK 1.
CEO Mårten Wigstøl, Phone. +47 911 65775
CFO Tone Kvåle, Phone: +47 915 19576

Read the notice in Norwegian here.