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21 June 2012: The Annual General Meeting in NorDiag ASA was held on 21 June 2012. [..]

The General Meeting approved the annual accounts for the financial year 2011 and other customary matters for the Annual General Meeting. In addition, the General Meeting approved amendments to the Articles of Association, a 100:1 share consolidation, reduction of the share premium fund and changes in the share capital. Further, the name of the company was resolved changed to Norda ASA. The General Meeting did not resolve the proposed change in the business address of the Company.

The General meeting was informed about the Board of Directors' amended proposal regarding the use of the reduction amounts from the share premium fund and the share capital. In accordance with the Board of Directors' amended proposal, it was resolved that the reduction amounts shall be used to cover losses and that the excess amount shall be transferred to other equity, and that there shall not be any repayment to the shareholders of paid-up capital.

All other resolutions made were in accordance with the proposals included in the notice of the Annual General Meeting.

In accordance with proposal of the Nomination Committee, the General Meeting elected Tor Andenæs as Chairman of the Board, and Ann Kristin Hageløkken, Åsa Waldemar, Christian Åbyholm and Christian Hysing-Dahl as new Directors of the Board.

The Minutes of the Annual General Meeting including attachments are enclosed and will also be made available on the company's webpage,

For further information, please contact:
CEO Hans Hekland - Phone: +47 906 26 870

Minutes of Annual General Meeting

Read the notice in Norwegian here.