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NorDiag BUGS’n BEADS™ magnetic bead chemistry for extraction of bacteria and viruses from a variety of sample matrices without enzymatic pre-treatment or heat incubation prior to automated purification of the nucleic acids provides a highly purified preparation for a variety of downstream applications. Automated extraction is available on both the Arrow and Bullet instruments. 

The BUGS’n BEADS™ magnetic beads have a special surface treatment that provides an environment for certain gram negative bacteria, gram positive bacteria and viruses to be attracted to their surface. The background sample matrix is washed away, and NorDiag Power-to-Lyses solution is added. The nucleic acids bind to the magnetic beads. The unbound extra cellular material is then washed away, leaving a high quality nucleic acid sample preparation.  

BUGS’n BEADS™ has been successfully used for a variety of pathogens including mycobacterium tuberculosis, Chlamydia, enterovirus, MRSA, Norovirus, E.Coli, Legionella, Mycoplasma Pneumonia, Chlamydia Pneumonia , Helicobacter Pylori etc.

The unique bead coating enables a direct purification from the primary sample without pre-treatment from a variety of sample matrices such as urine, sputum, and swabs.