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The Board of Directors of NorDiag ASA calls for the Annual General Meeting of NorDiag to be held on Tuesday 4 May 2010 at 10:00 hours (CET) at the company's office in Frysjaveien 40, entrance 12, 4th floor, 0884 Oslo, Norway.

The agenda includes, in addition to approval of the annual accounts for the financial year 2009, and other customary matters for the ordinary general meeting, a board authorisation to purchase own shares within a maximum limit of 10% of the share capital, and replacing the current Board authorisation to increase the share capital by granting the Board a new authorisation to increase the share capital by up to NOK 6,206,528.20.
The General Meeting will also resolve on the election of Board members. The term of service for Board members Hans Hekland, Gisela Sitbon, Mathias Uhlen and Ann-Kristin Hageløkken expires at the date of the Annual General Meeting. Gisela Sitbon will withdraw from the Board. The Nomination Committee proposes that the other Board members, Hans Hekland, Mathias Uhlen and Ann-Kristin Hageløkken, are reappointed for a term of two years until the Annual General Meeting in 2012, provided, however, that Mathias Uhlen is elected for a term of one year. It is further proposed that Greta Bentzen is elected as Board member for a period of two years.
Furthermore, the General Meeting is asked to resolve on the proposal that Hogne Tyssøy and Frode Vaksvik are reappointed to the company's Nomination Committee, and that Tore Rasmussen is appointed as a new member. All of them are proposed to  be appointed for a term of two years until the Annual General Meeting in 2012. Ann-Kristin Hageløkken will withdraw from the Nomination Committee.
The annual report for 2009 was released 25 March 2010. Pursuant to section 7 of the company's articles of association, documents regarding matters that shall be dealt with at a General Meeting, including documents that pursuant to law shall be attached to the notice, may be made available at the company's webpage rather than sent with the notice. The company will use this possibility by not distribute to the shareholders the notice the Norwegian version of the annual accounts, the annual report and the auditor's report for 2009 (appendix 2), as well as appendix 3 - 6, but rather make these appendices available at, together with this notice and all other appendices.
Complete notice is attached.
CEO Mårten Wigstøl  -  Phone +47 911 65775
CFO Tone Kvåle  -  Phone +47 915 19576       

AGM NOTICE and appendices

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